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How Your Tastes Change Over Time

Yesterday I posted a picture on my Instagram story (if you don’t follow me feel free to do so!) of me with a Quality Street ‘The Purple One” Latte from Costa Coffee.

It’s December which means their Christmas range of drinks are out, and the purple quality street is one of my favourites (along with the Orange crunch). I was driving past and thought how rude it would be to sample such a delight … alas I wish I’d kept on driving.

What I had hoped would be an explosion of delight on the tastebuds turned out to be more of a turn off. The latte was too sweet, too rich and had a powdery aftertaste. However, before you all boycott Costa, let me assure you it was not their drink that was the problem … the issue is my tastebuds have changed.

I don’t tend to drink milk, I occasionally have it in cereal and I drink my coffee black, so the first thing that I noticed was how the milk left my stomach feeling unsettled. Dairy Overload!!!

Then we move on to the syrups … I don’t add sugar to my drinks and haven’t for a few years. I’m eating much more healthily, especially now I’m training to become a health coach and I’m feeling so much better for it only a few weeks in. My suspicion is that there is a mixture of hazelnut and caramel syrups in this drink. To have a drink laced with such much sugar actually mad me feel sick only a third of the way through the drink … and I now feel a bit like a hamster on speed writing this. Sugar Overload!!!

My body, and my tastebuds, quite simply were rejecting the drink and punishing me for putting it into my body by making me want to hurl. Sadly, that means I probably won’t be trying the Terrys Chocolate Orange Hot Chocolate that’s also on their menu *cries*. It’s probably also a punishment for buying such a sugar laden drink only a couple of days after watching a lecture on sugar addiction!

My point to this post though, is how our tastes can change over time. Sometimes we think we can’t give something up, sometimes our cravings mislead us (Costa was a prime example of that for me!) but why is it that our tastes do change?

Well, one reason is the ageing process. The taste buds on our tongues go through a regular regenerative process throughout our life, just as the cells in our skin do. We begin life with approximately 10,000 taste buds, every couple of weeks (or sometimes more frequently) our taste buds die off and new ones are regenerated to replace them however, the older we get the less taste buds regenerate which is why our tastes can change massively as we get older and foods can become bland.

Our personal experiences and mindset can also have an impact on our tastes. Sometimes trying foods cooked in a different way can change your views. A great example of this is how when I was a child I hated roast beef and would always have my parents cook me sausage instead for Sunday lunch, now I’m older I love roast beef! I also used to have a huge sweet tooth when I was younger but now I’d rather indulge in cheese & crackers than chocolate cake.

What have you found has changed with your tastes over the years? Do comment and let me know, I’d love to hear from you.

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