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Are you ready to free yourself and embrace your wellbeing?

Are you feeling like your life is unbalanced? Do you feel like something in your life needs to change but you're not sure what? Then why not get in touch to discuss how we may be able to work together to give you clarity and help you work towards inner happiness. Our coaching services are more than just diet and nutrition!

How I Can Help You

Health Coaching

Health is more than just the food you eat. With our health coaching service we look at various aspects of your life to help you discover where you have an imbalance.

Break-Up Coaching

A break-up is the second most traumatic experience you can go through in life. Whatever stage of the break-up process you are at, I can help you navigate through the process and move forwards with your new life.

Online Courses

If hiring a coach isn't financially viable or you'd like to try work through things on your own, then our online programmes are for you. These self guided courses are designed to provide you with the tools for success.

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The Links between Water and Weight Loss

Does drinking water aid weight loss?

Is there a link between drinking water and weight loss? Yes there is, and it’s one that has been scientifically proven. Drinking water with or after food helps to bulk out our food, sending messages to the brain to say that we are full so we will eat less. Water also helps in aiding the …

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How your tastes can change - The Health Goddess - Health Coach

How Your Tastes Change Over Time

Yesterday I posted a picture on my Instagram story (if you don’t follow me feel free to do so!) of me with a Quality Street ‘The Purple One” Latte from Costa Coffee. It’s December which means their Christmas range of drinks are out, and the purple quality street is one of my favourites (along with …

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Tackle your Finances - The Health Goddess

Take Responsibility for Your Finances

This week during my studies we looked at finances. It got me thinking a lot about this and how I’ve noticed how differently money is valued by people today compared to how it was valued back in the 80’s and 90’s. In just 40 years the shift has gone from saving up for the things …

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Need to Know the Best Program for You?

Choosing the best programme for you can be difficult. Why not get in touch to schedule a free no-obligation chat to discuss how we can best work together?

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